Saturday, May 7, 2011

The mysterious case of before and after

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.
- Robert C. Gallagher

Changes ARE inevitable. 
We bring about certain changes and certain changes bring about us.
Changes can be temporary. Changes can be permanent.
You see a feel good movie, it changes your mood.
You get your dream job, it changes your career.
You meet the one, it changes your life.
You get thin/fat, it changes your appearance.
You wear an uncomfortable pair of high heels, it changes the way you walk.
You learn a life-lesson, it changes your priorities.
You break up with your partner, it changes the way you look at love.

DISCLAIMER: Do not read ahead if you are not in a mood of random bitchiness gossiping.

(Parts of the below text may contain some fictitious parts)

One night, when boredom was at it's peak. I logged on FB and started going through my news feed. Nothing interesting. There was an update of a friend. She had recently added some friends. Bored as I was and useless too, I clicked on her new friends link, in hope to see nice pics of random strangers (C'mon, don't give that look.. we all do that!).. And I see a thumbnail pic of an attractive girl. So I click on her link, to see her full pic. When I do. I am shocked! This girl used to be my friend in 3rd standard. A chubby girl, curly hair, long skirts, would chatter non stop. And here she was now, a total stunner.. size 8 figure.. poker straight hair and a sensuous dress! After making sure it is her, I sent her a friend request in hope to see more of her pics.

And then excitedly I im'ed this friend (P) to share this juicy piece of news. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Why the hell all our class mates are getting super thin and good looking??
P: Seriously... all of them seem to be getting plastic surgery done
Me: yaaaaa
P: That Priya something...looks so much better too...
Me: you knew Neha Sharma? She was my friend in primary school.. haha… she's looking shocking :D..  earlier she was this chubby girl and now she's super thin and got her hair straightened
and she has a daughter too!!!! See her pic (I send her the link)
P: :-O  show me her pic... i can't remember her face...
Me: Even i couldn't recognize her
P: :-O who's this????  i don’t remember any such girl...
Me: SHE is the one!!
P: Omg... how on earth can anyone change so much!!
Me: You won't i guess
P: That even after seeing her face I cannot recall her?
Me: And what has happened to Diya Nair????!!!!
 P: I got a shock too when I saw her on FB
 Me: Haha.. she was your good friend right?
P: Yaaaa...  used to invite me on all her b’day parties ;D
 Me: And did you see Diya’s legs??? Her face is still the same.. but her legs have made her a stunner!
P: Hahahhaa... No haven’t seen her pics.
Me: wait (I send her the link) she has lost so damn much!!
P: Ohhh gawd... shit!!!
Me: BIIIIGG change, right?
P: Actually....drastic change in her dressing sense too I guess...
Me: This is that is called iiissmaaarrtness
P: And look at us, we still look the same! :(
Me: Yea, but that’s coz we were perfect back then too! *evil grin*
P: True story! :D

But seriously, why is that most of my classmates/batchmates from school.. have gone through drastic transformations? And I don't see any such big change in me.. Not in my looks or my behaviour..  Well I have had my share of experiences and all of that.. but I haven't changed so much that people don't recognise me.. Umm.. Or maybe I have and haven't realised it yet.. :-?


  1. I'm glad you and others can still recognise 'you' despite the many imperceptible changes that have inevitably taken place. It's reassuring to know that you are still the same in things that matter most!

  2. Hahahahhaha... OMG i couldn't hold my breath laughing reading this. How dumb i am to wait this long to come to ur blog n read this... :P
    Amazzziiinggg.. mwwaaahhhh's to uu.. :-*

  3. @Khushi anTee- thank you.. it makes me feel good too :)
    @Pratibha- oh yea.. we are funny like that ;)
    hi 5!!

  4. Kay: I needed this post today...a pleasure and your insights, humor, observations---heaven sent.


  5. I a subscriber? I must be missing something. I thought I was...but---oops. I want to be!


  6. Hey Jaye,
    And how I love your comments! They truly perk me up :))
    Is the 'Follow Me' tab not working for you? I think a google account is required for that. I am not aware of how Wordpress works though, try adding my blog link, to the list of blogs you follow. I'll try adding a subscribe button to the side bars too. Till then just keep hopping by whenever you can, I promise you'll have a good time!

    Much love,

  7. Jaye,
    I've added a tab for subscription on the right side bar, below the Follow Me tab. And there's also an option to follow me by Email. Hope it helps :)




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