Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My second attempt on metamorphism begins...

I try to work on the jigsaw God has gifted me with.. planning to put everything in the right place. It's just another phase of life to say so... just another day... just another season...another house...another semester.. few people less.. few memories more... few kilos more :) .... a new determination... a new plan to work on d game of life.. less expectations...less grudges.. a new hope....a new determination....a new path.... and a new me.

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a brand new day..!

Alright.... I finally begin blogging, have created the profile long back but didn't really make the effort to write the blogs. I'd forgot how easy it used to be to pen down thoughts.... somehow the writer( he he...) got lost in the midst of the various phases I went through in the past three years... from leaving home, starting college, living out... writing slipped down on my priority list. Well here I am, this is me.... I can think of many other places I'd rather be ;)


  • and to keep myself active and
  • to prevent life from getting tangled every third day
  • to get up early
  • to sleep not so late
  • to take care of my health
  • to do things that make me happy
  • to study ( guess I should've put this as the first one)
  • to bitch a little less
  • to read a little more
  • to stay happy come what may
  • to keep my cool
  • to save money/electricity/water/food/everything that I can
  • to take decisions on my own
  • to stand up for my rights :D
  • to stop swearing
  • to keep pledging.....


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