Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming back to life

This place has been deserted for ages... Just to revive it, here's a meme coz I couldn't come up with something of my own ;)

1. We are changing your name. You have no choice. You get to pick it, but we must approve it. You must have a good reason. Ok, what is the name and reason?

Can't think of one, but people should be able to shorten it into a nice nickname ;)

2. I say Shotgun, you say?

(that's Spanish for Hahaha :D )

3. We are sending you away. Africa or Mexico?


4. When you're home alone, do you still close the door when you use the restroom?

Urmm... No

6. What are your plans for your birthday this year?
Don't ask!
(I am not excited to turn 25)

7. Is there anyone that you regret ever meeting ?

One or two such persons.

8. You have 3 months left to live, what do you do?

Go and live among family and friends.
Go on holidays with them.
Eat loads. Get fat.

9. You wake up in an unfamiliar place, what is your first reaction?

Go back to sleep.

10. Your phone rings at 4am, just before you kill this person, who do you expect it would be?

First. I wouldn't kill the person. Coz I like latenight/early morning talks.
Second. Can name quite a few.

11. You're having a bad day, what one thing can make your day better?

Comfort food.

12. You are doing a meme written by the blogosphere's shadiest character. Is there anything else that you should be doing right now?

(It's 1:51 am and I have an early morning)

13. If money were not a problem, where would you like to live?



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