Monday, May 2, 2011

And I smiled..

It is a summer morning. Some time around 6:30 am in the morning, I am walking to the yoga studio. The roads are almost deserted at this time of the day, except for - maids who are off to work, a few people jogging around, few kids waiting for the school bus, few cycles and even fewer cars. But the most active citizens at this time of the day are dogs! (Believe me, I am a dog lover till my last bone) So as I'm walking along, enjoying the morning breeze and timing myself (Yeah, I am trying to break records :P ), a few dogs come trotting towards me, started sniffing my bag and hands. I don't pay much heed and keep walking. The dogs lose interest and turn away, except for one persistent dog: muddy white fur with black spots. He keeps following me, sniffing and nudging me with his nose. And then for a moment, I am scared. Goose bumpy. I turn around and give him a stern ''shush''.. and then fasten my pace and keep walking.

The dog was probably hungry or lonely or just bored, but I was so busy shooing him away that I couldn't even notice his wagging tail!
And then a site today, just made me smile!
The time was when I return from the yoga studio, about 8:45 am. I was walking towards home and I saw the same bunch (I think) of stray dogs following a young lady. She had a big packet in her hand. I almost empathized with her, but then I saw her going to a side lane and calling out the remaining dogs of the 'gang' and they all came wagging towards her. She pet them and cooed as she took out a bright coloured bowl for each of the dog. And then opened up the packet, took out a tiffin box and fed them.



  1. Hallelujah, you resurrected your blog! I like the design and wished I could do something like this...but I know there're miles between my wishing on an eyelash and kicking a***! I love that lady and I'm familiar with a couple of those scamps!!

  2. @Khushi anTee:
    Thanks.. all this is really easy.. will show you some day :)

    Is it? Maybe you haven't met your dog-mate yet! Believe me they are out there ;)

  3. I am scared of dogs But this one made me go awwww.....

  4. @Deepika.. I felt the same, when I saw the scene.. If only I had clicked a pic!

    @Maddalena.. Thank you.. Do read more of it :)



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