Saturday, August 30, 2008

Down the memory lane....

First day at campus. It all looks intimidating. New people. New place. New life. Three days of orientation. First hostel meal (I still remember they served lady fingers ..sniff). Instant friendship over dinner. Giggles of excitement. New room. Unpacking. Happiness. Fresh smell of a newly constructed building. New roommate. More happiness. Apprehension. Discovering new friends. Introducing each other. First time in the boys hostel (he he..). First lecture. Knowing more friends. Settling down. Mess lunch. Mess dinner. Hostel junk. Discovering new things. After dinner walks. First trekking. Flirting. Discussing boys in the hostel at night. Fighting, gossiping, goofing. Crank Calls.

Facing the wardens. Girl and boy together : a big NO (*rolling eyes*). First weekend outing. Veer Zaara. Birthday treat at Mc D. Apology letters.
Lectures begin. Discovering variety of teachers. First basketball match. Embarrassing Moments. Leadership awards. Dance. Beautiful moments. Studies. Posing for the college documentary. First strike. Hibernating in the cafeteria. Fighting for chocolates. Valentine's day. Special Moments. Horseback Riding. More treks. Summer holidays. Missing hostel. Going Back. Happiness again. New discoveries. More special moments. New Year's with wine sneaking. New love. False rumors.

To be continued...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To do list

  1. Study.... (sob!)
  2. Write more
  3. Read more
  4. Sleep less
  5. Think less
  6. Do more
  7. Dance more
  8. Spend less
  9. Worry less
  10. Dream often
  11. Pray often
  12. Smile often
  13. .......

Writer's Block

Or is it Blogger's Block?


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love.....another four lettered word

When a simple I LOVE YOU takes your blues away, you sleep with a smile on your face, you wake up with a wider smile on your face and everything about the world seems picture book perfect. Cupid has thus struck.You have a certain shine in your eyes. And you can't wait for the rest of your life to begin.
Childhood sweethearts, college buddies, online dating, neighbours, colleagues and a thousand other ways to fall in love.

Life begins...

Time passes by and you start wondering, "Is this the person I fell in love with?"
And slowly it starts getting different, the love, now without the shine and charm is just another habit, just another part of life. And you start resenting anything that's related to the four lettered word: valentines, romance, dating and zillion more words.

And you curse your stars for the four lettered word.

Time passes by and the four lettered word is now a more comfortable feeling. You love the way your life blends with that person. You still smile when you wake up and see the person sleeping beside you. You still smile when you snuggle and sleep at night. The shine's still there in the eyes. If not bright but evident enough for your love to see.

And you thank your stars for the four lettered word. Blink Blink.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Insomia Attack

The clock on the bottom right corner of the screen reads 1:30 AM as I start writing this.

On the orientation of my first day in college, we were made to do this psychometric test, which would reveal our personality types.. Are we introvert/extrovert.. I wish there was some test to find out whether I am a born insomniac or a self proclaimed one. Either way it is a bad thing.
As they say.. you work hard through the day, you sleep well through the night. Is it really just that?
Or the reason behind a good night's sleep is that your mind is calm and ready to rest. Your thoughts are clear and you're really glad the way your day went. I can't fall asleep until I've mopped my mind clear of the crap that's clogged in the crevices of my brain. It helps when there is something nice, something happy, something positive to read at my bedside. If not it's twisting and turning for hours in the bed unless the brain's too tired to stay awake and finally shuts itself down. But by then, the dawn's already there and when healthy people are waking up to the chirping of the birds, I'm dozing as the sun peeps up into the sky.
I remember my childhood days when sleeping on the terrace or out in the open was big treat ( It would still be if I get the chance). The only companion one had was the wide dark sky, embedded with stars. There is no metaphor to explain the feeling. I could try to be a little lyrical and compare the stars with sparkling diamonds or angels smiling or something similar that comes easily to poets. But I don't think the experience can be explained in any way other than to experience it thyself! And it was fun to point out the different stars and constellation that we'd studied in school. At my grandmother's place.. we used get up to the mewing sounds of peacocks every morning... sigh.. Those will remain one of the best wake up calls in my life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An empty mind is a devil's workshop!

It happens at times that I really really feel like writing something 'n I dun get to... 'n wen I get about to start mind's all blank..!
It's been almost a month now of "nothing doing"...'n I've shifted gears through so many emotions.. from graduating, leaving all friends, coming home, settling at home, catching up with old school friends, getting frustrated with the idleness around, trying to clear my head of stale emotions, making myself strong, getting confidence, losing confidence, gathering confidence again, keeping myself occupied...'n it goes on 'n on.. some how I'm in the right gear for now.. somehow I've managed to stay happy....leaving all the sad 'n negative emotions locked in some dark unknown unreachable corner of my heart.
To each his own. To stay happy is one's own task. People are around to love you, hate you, teach you, learn from you, like you, loathe you, protect you, depend on you.. But in the end, it all comes down to ourselves to manage our own happiness :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living or just alive?

My orkut's "Fortune" for today was : ' Your dearest wish will come true'.
Not that i believe in these fortunes or anything, they just keep circulating from one person to another everyday. But it got me thinking, do I really have a dearest wish?
What do you call people who don't have a dearest wish or a dream that they'd like to become true, are they living their life or are they just alive? Does living mean you have to have a passion for something, an aim, does it mean you have to pre-decide the path you want (or have to) walk on?


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