Sunday, May 8, 2011

A meme for sunday!

1.       Can you see a phone right now?
Yes,  my cellphone
2.       What can you hear right now?
The television
3.       Where is it coming from?
The living room
4.       Last thing you ate?
Sprouted lentils for breakfast
5.       What was the last thing you saw on TV?
Some random movie
6.       Who was the last person other than family you saw?
My yoga instructor
7.       Are labels/stereotypes good?
To each his own
8.       Favorite flavor of lip gloss?
I am more of a lip balm person, and favourite would be cocoa butter
9.       Song stuck in your head?
Stairway to heaven
10.   Acoustic or electric guitars?
11.   Do you dance while getting ready for whatever?
I do!! *does a little jig*
12.   What are you wearing right now?
Bro’s tee
13.   What is the greatest number of people you've preformed in front of?
Umm.. I don’t know... 200-300?
14.   Have you gone skinny dipping?
No.. and I don’t think I would
15.   Favorite city?
Mumbai, Tokyo and  my home town (I haven’t travelled much.. yet)
16.   Would you eat human flesh for money?
17.   Can you play an instrument?
I think I can
18.   Have you ever sat on a roof and looked at stars?
I have also slept on a roof under the stars :)
19.   Favorite type of sock?
Ankle length
20.   Have you ever shoplifted?
No, nor do I want to
21.   Have you recently gotten someone pregnant?
Haha.. I don’t think I could!
22.   What scent are you wearing right now?
Body Shop Cherry Blossoms EDT
23.   Are there any animals around you at the moment?
24.   Drinking anything at the moment?
Just had some lemon iced tea
25.   Would you ever go rock climbing?
Yes I would
26.   Last person who told you they loved you besides family?
One of my friends
27.   Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
Loads of times!
28.   Would you ever have plastic surgery?
If there is one to reduce the size of feet.. I would!
29.   Favorite comic strip?
Calvin & Hobbes, Between Friends
30.   Cat person or dog person?
Dog lover!
31.   Is there something else you should be doing at the moment?
Probably fold up the laundry
32.   How is your hair right now?
Tied back in a pony tail
33.   What type of phone do you have?
A smartphone.. (lol)
34.   What do you want the most?
A long holiday on a beach :(
35. Are you a lover or a fighter?
I’d say I am a fighter for love ;)


  1. u forgot to mention Luann???? Sucha a cute little sweetheart she is... :D

  2. Oh yes.. I totally forgot about her.. haven't read her in a long time!



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