Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life Under Maintenance

It's been ages since I've put down a new post... reasons? life's under maintenance ;)
guess I should start wearing this sign around my neck too... so that everyone can be warned beforehand !!

September 5th, Teacher's Day.
Seems I get nostalgic very easily these days... it was so much fun preparing for this day in school.. we loved presenting a show.... fast forward..4th year engineering.. you don't find teachers worth spending your time 'n energy over...yea yea.. i know..they do the same..spend time 'n energy over us... while soring their vocal chords till it becomes unbearable for us students to hear them. Alright, I shouldn't be so rude atleast on this day.. CHEERS!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow.. this was such an old post! :)
    and yaa.. school teachers are indeed dear now.. though i resented most of them when i was in school!
    the thing that touches me most is that, when you visit school now, all these years later they still recognize you and get happy for your achievements!



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