Sunday, September 9, 2007

Instructions Manual

If only I was born with one! An instructions manual. I could easily refer to it whenever I cannot handle things on my own. When I can't study... When I break a promise... When am unwell... When I have bad hair day.. When I let a loved one down... When I can't decide right from wrong... When I can't come up with something worth writing..When I can't sleep.... When I'm unsure as to how to start a conversation.. When I'm unsure as to how to apologize.. When I mess up my room every second day... When I hate getting up in the morning.. When I end up dressing badly... When I can't decide on the perfect gift... When I get nightmares.. When I don't know how to end a fight.. When I am confused as to how to confess... When I get even more confused about my career... When I end up making a fool of myself... When I start 'feeling' fat... When I'm unhappy.
An instructions manual, would've helped me live better.. But then it would've turned me into a robot... So I guess I shouldn't be complaining for being a human.... Life may not be easy, but I do get to live on my own and not bother about following a handbook.

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