Saturday, August 30, 2008

Down the memory lane....

First day at campus. It all looks intimidating. New people. New place. New life. Three days of orientation. First hostel meal (I still remember they served lady fingers ..sniff). Instant friendship over dinner. Giggles of excitement. New room. Unpacking. Happiness. Fresh smell of a newly constructed building. New roommate. More happiness. Apprehension. Discovering new friends. Introducing each other. First time in the boys hostel (he he..). First lecture. Knowing more friends. Settling down. Mess lunch. Mess dinner. Hostel junk. Discovering new things. After dinner walks. First trekking. Flirting. Discussing boys in the hostel at night. Fighting, gossiping, goofing. Crank Calls.

Facing the wardens. Girl and boy together : a big NO (*rolling eyes*). First weekend outing. Veer Zaara. Birthday treat at Mc D. Apology letters.
Lectures begin. Discovering variety of teachers. First basketball match. Embarrassing Moments. Leadership awards. Dance. Beautiful moments. Studies. Posing for the college documentary. First strike. Hibernating in the cafeteria. Fighting for chocolates. Valentine's day. Special Moments. Horseback Riding. More treks. Summer holidays. Missing hostel. Going Back. Happiness again. New discoveries. More special moments. New Year's with wine sneaking. New love. False rumors.

To be continued...


  1. 'n reading this brings back to me something you said to me once: "i wrote this when i was your age."
    i think that is why i relate with you so well.

  2. Aww :-*
    you relate to me so well, coz at heart I'm still 19!

  3. 'n i somehow refrain from commenting further lest another "fight" here... jajajajaja :D



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