Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An empty mind is a devil's workshop!

It happens at times that I really really feel like writing something 'n I dun get to... 'n wen I get about to start posting...my mind's all blank..!
It's been almost a month now of "nothing doing"...'n I've shifted gears through so many emotions.. from graduating, leaving all friends, coming home, settling at home, catching up with old school friends, getting frustrated with the idleness around, trying to clear my head of stale emotions, making myself strong, getting confidence, losing confidence, gathering confidence again, keeping myself occupied...'n it goes on 'n on.. some how I'm in the right gear for now.. somehow I've managed to stay happy....leaving all the sad 'n negative emotions locked in some dark unknown unreachable corner of my heart.
To each his own. To stay happy is one's own task. People are around to love you, hate you, teach you, learn from you, like you, loathe you, protect you, depend on you.. But in the end, it all comes down to ourselves to manage our own happiness :)


  1. I really liked this piece...
    felt like u were talking to me..more like me trying to say that to myself..just couldn't

  2. awesome written dear...ur content is so mesmerizing..yet unique. I can always relate it to me...so easily. Too good i must say!! :)



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