Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm smiling again!

It just takes little things to put a smile on your face... may it be a cute little pug or a giggling baby...or even a nice weather.
First day of the college.... In the first class itself, I wished it had been my last day in the college.. 6 months later, all of a sudden the place seemed new and strange. Somehow living through the last 10 months of my college life seemed such a difficult task. Supposedly the "best days of my life"... my final year felt like a burden. But I guess someone up there didn't think so and signalled, all you need to get you going is a change of mood and you can end up looking forward to life. Little drizzle... dark sky... eagles flying low (do they have a gift to predict the weather?)... cool breeze....silly talks with gal friends.. splashing in the pool ( all dressed!!)....hoping for a heavy shower... and I realise I'm smiling again... or rather laughing uncontrollably. And my heart's happy again. All it took was a change of mood to lift up my spirits.
The only disadvantage of splashing in the pool is that you get really hungry... but the few extra pounds don't matter when you are elated.

The monsoons are a reminder that I'm blessed!!

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