Thursday, January 10, 2013

The clock ticks.. the water drips.. the Earth rotates..


Ever wondered what would it be like if we never had to worry about the time of the hour? No clock or watch to measure the time. No fixed working hours. No one hurrying to reach on time. No one counting days. No one praying for more time. No one begging for time to pass. Everyone living in the moment, instead of planning the next.

There was indeed one such time... When the Earth was still a wonder and not one of the 8 planets. When the movement of the Sun and the Moon was a wonder and not Science. When people didn't have to take out time for their loved ones, because time didn't exist. 

Only people did. Life did. 

The Time Keeper is a revelation about how man started measuring time. It's a story of a sick man who wants more time. It's a story of a lovesick girl who wishes time would pass quickly. It's a story that teaches us that there is more to life than glancing at the clock every hour. There is more to life than counting days and counting age. There is more to learn, give, receive, accept, do and teach than we think there is.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is no less than his other books. It's a warm hug. It's a cool breeze. It makes you think. It makes you pause and experience life... Life which is beyond time. The life which was created even before the concept of time was established. 

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  1. I have been thinking of reading this book. After reading your post, I'm seriously considering to buy the book asap!

    1. Hey Anisha.. Do read it! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did :)

  2. Its sooo good to see a post from you :D

    I have this book on my to-be-read list as I have heard a lot about it too, hopefully this year it should make it to my read list.*fingers crossed*

    1. It's so good to blog again too :D
      Hope you get to read the book soon.




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