Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's that time of the year!

Yea... It is. That time of the year when you feel proud of surviving the winters, when you shove away the memories of gluttonous weak moments in some untraceable imaginary trunk, when the temperature's a little higher and the days are a little longer. When on a weekend, you finally gather up courage to store the warm garb for another winter. When you shed away jackets and boots and mufflers and warmers. When you put on t-shirts and cotton pants and spaghetti tops and shorts and flip flops and sun-tan lotion. THAT is when you realize that you turned into a PIG in those cold harsh months.

When those summer clothes don't fit you. When you realize you are out of decent clothes to wear at work. When you feel you need to shop every week. When you stand on the scale and miss a heart beat out of shock. When you look at the pics from a year back and yearn for that younger and slimmer you. THAT time of the year is here. Unfortunately for me.




  1. Wish winter and rains will come back soon. Its getting hot, hot and hotter.

  2. @Vyankatesh: Am not a fan of winters, but I love rains.. scarce though they are where I live :)



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