Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What hasn’t killed me has made me stronger indeed!

The first time I wrote a post on this blog.. these were the pledges I took. Four year later.. I think it’s time for a review!

  • To keep myself active (Ahem.. Getting up at 7:30..  walking regularly.. that’s as active I’ve becomet
  • To prevent life from getting tangled every third day (Hmm.. Instead of every 3rd day.. it’s now thrice a month.. good progress I’d say!)
  • To get up early (7:30 is early enough for now!)
  • To sleep not so late (12 is no more SO late)
  • To take care of my health ( I survived 4 years without any major illnesses..)
  • To do things that make me happy (Ahh.. Eat.. Sleep.. Work.. Talk.. Shop.. keeps me happy!)
  • To study ( guess I should've put this as the first one) (HA!.. Been there.. done that. Period.)
  • to bitch a little less (I am a woman.. what more can I add here)
  • To read a little more ( I do as much as I can)
  • To stay happy come what may (I try. I succeed)
  • To keep my cool (I think I have learnt a bit how to do so)
  • To save money/electricity/water/food/everything that I can (I try my best..)
  • To take decisions on my own (that I do.. But I do need help when I can’t decide what to have for dinner :-/)
  • To stand up for my rights :D  (O yea!)
  • To stop swearing (Umm.. I learnt more in the past few years)
  • To keep pledging.... (Hmm… Later!)

Four years… So much as changed and still so much has stayed the same. People have left. New people have arrived. Memories have faded. New memories have been created. I still work constantly on myself. I understand better now, what matters and what doesn’t. Who matters and who doesn’t. I have learnt to be strong to the limit of being arrogant. I have learnt that things change. People change. Feelings change. I have learnt to enjoy company. I have learnt to enjoy being alone. I have learnt that life goes on.


  1. hey!! i like wat u wrote!! awesome!! keep blogging!


  2. I didn't know you when you had written this post but now I can blindly bet on the fact that yes you do many of the above..
    So here is to keeping vows alive!
    Cheers and much love!!

  3. @Somya -
    Aww.. Thanks da! :-*

  4. @Pratibha -
    And thank YOU wuman! :D :-*



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