Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just hanging around!

I'm out of things to post after doing such a long challenge ;) 

So here's some randomness -

I loved Salman Khan's character in Ready. I used to dislike him when I was younger, now as he's growing older, he's become so entertaining and so adorable. Only he can carry on a whole movie based on such random silliness and still make it so much fun to watch. And the title of the post is dedicated to him!

I am a NO direction-sense kind of person. I turn left when someone says take the right turn. I point to the opposite direction when people ask me a location. Oh yes, strangers ask me directions thinking I'm a sensible localite in my city and I give them wrong directions almost always. I'm sure they must be cursing me later! The few times I manage to guide someone correctly, I swell with pride. But now I feel it is safer to just apologize and say I do not know the way. But what do you do when people ask directions to your house?? And that too on the phone?!  I just handover the phone to someone else who's not so direction blind, but when I am alone, I stutter and mutter and just pray that they manage to reach without any difficulty or endless calls to me. And now after more than a year, when I was finally getting the hang of directions and whereabouts in my city, I will have to move. And start off in a new city, new turns, new places and new directions. *prays fervently*

There is this quote from the movie P.S. I Love You (which I did not like, the movie; not the quote) -

''Watch out for the signal, when life as you know it ends''

I have finally experienced that. Though for me, it is only the beginning of the change. But I can see the changes slowly unfolding. I see signs about why a certain thing occurs. I see signs about why a certain thing wasn't meant to be. It feels as if the life I am living, is moving ahead in a slow motion, so that I get to appreciate every change as it occurs. And today, I thank God for giving me the signal. 


  1. Yea..tht's so true!! Growing up years really teach us a lot... give us a lot of signs that we oughta grab... :)
    n sumtimes later we go past connecting the dots n realize "Oh! this is the reason tht happened to me" :)

  2. @Pratibha -
    Connecting the dots.. right on! *thumbs up*

    When I connect the dots for everything that has happened in the past two weeks, I get 'Because'.


  3. Absolutely.. :)
    n later i feel it was so predictible...why din i get it then?? *hehe*

  4. With me for the first time, I got it as and when it happened! :D

  5. all the signs will throw light on all that has happened and is in the process of happening. :)

  6. @Somya -
    Inshallah to that! :)



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